New Release: Logbook, New UI, and improved AI

We’re kicking off April with a brand-new release to our AICON platform. The new logbook lets you keep a record of everything that happens on a construction site. We’re also introducing a new UIĀ  to make it easier and faster to use AICON. Finally, the latest release brings improved detection thanks to an upgraded AI model.

The Logbook: Easy Events and Records

With the new AICON logbook feature, you now have a complete record of your construction site at your fingertips. Logging an event is easy. Take down notes about what’s happening on your site, add weather conditions, or register subcontractors. The logbook is your new central hub for everything that’s going on on-site. Best of all, it’s integrated with the AICON cameras. Simple add a record from a still and the image appears inside your logbook with room to comment.

A Streamlined Workflow with Our New UI

AICON has a fresh coat of paint! And a bit more than just a visual makeover. The new UI make it easier to get around, uses the latest frameworks so AICON is snappy, and has more intuitive controls. A lot of work went into making the camera analytics more fluid to work with. The result? You’ll get more done in less time.

Improved Detection with Our Upgraded AI Model

We’ve stepped up our detection game by getting even more accurate with our AI models. Our algorithms are constantly learning and improving to bring even more impressive results. And we’re just getting started! More object detections and super accurate background detection are in the works.

Log into the AICON app and discover the updates! Curious to give AICON a spin? Then get in touch!

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