Create easy time-lapses in 1-2-3

Make your projects stand out and showcase your construction results. Marketing your construction projects has never been easier. AICON cameras let you create high-resolution 4K timelapses that put a spotlight on your building process.

See more, react faster, and anticipate better.

Easy to create

Making a timelapse is as easy as clicking a few buttons inside the platform. Simply choose a date range and get started.

Flexible options

Select from a number of options to create a custom time-lapse. Interval, quality, speed: it’s all available.

Showcase your brand

Easily add a logo to your timelapse to put your brand in the spotlights. Or put a live feed to your website for everyone to see.

Time-lapse features


Quick and easy options

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Discover how time-lapses help you market your projects

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