All construction events, centralized.

Monitor everything that happens on your construction site in an online platform, with access for everyone. Annotate images, understand what’s happening, and react proactively. And say goodbye to manual reports.

Always up to date on your construction site.

Never forget an event

Instantly mark an event or find it by browsing through the full visual logbook. From weather over subcontractors entering and leaving to materials and people moving.

Everything in one place

Stop using different tools to take notes and store information about your site. Collect everything in a single platform with easy access for everyone.

Put reporting on autopilot

Reduce time-consuming and tedious daily reports spread across different tools. Simply let the visual record reflect the site events and annotate where necessary.

Digital logbook features

Single platform

Quick logging

One communication hub

Find out how AICON keeps a full visual record or your site

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